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Avec ses partenaires agréés, ENSE installe différents systèmes de détection et d'extinction Incendie afin de garantir la sécurité de votre personnel ainsi que l'intégrité de votre infrastructure...

Nos spécialistes étudient avec vous l'ensemble de vos besoins et nos techniciens se chargent de l'installation complète de votre système.










Inergen Gaseous Fire Fighting System

INERGEN® protects human lives

INERGEN is a mixture of nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide gases and has been specially developed to provide fire protection as a Halon 1301 replacement. INERGEN® extinguishes fire by reducing the oxygen level in a room to below 15%, the point at which most combustibles will no longer burn. Simultaneously the carbon dioxide in INERGEN® stimulates the uptake of oxygen by the human body, so protecting anyone who might be trapped in the fire area from the effects of the lowered oxygen levels.

  • Fully tested on humans

INERGEN® has been medically evaluated and approved by leading authorities around the world. All of them have accepted INERGEN® as being safe for use in “normally occupied areas”. INERGEN® is the first Halon replacement to have been fully tested on humans.

With thousands of people having been exposed to INERGEN® with no ill-effect during test discharges, it has an excellent track record of safety in operation.

  • Escape routes are not obscured.

INERGEN® is stored in gaseous form. It therefore does not produce fog when the gas is released into the room.

  • No toxic decomposition products.

Because INERGEN® is a mixture of naturally occurring gases, it does not form decomposition products in a fire.

INERGEN ® protects property

  • Excellent retention time within the room.

One of the greatest failings of Halon systems is the speed with which the Halon gas escapes from the room after discharge. The mixture specification of INERGEN® overcomes this problem by bringing the relative density of INERGEN® close to that of air. The result is outstanding hold time performance for INERGEN.

  • No corrosive decomposition products

INERGEN® does not chemically interfere with the fire and hence does not form any corrosive decomposition products in the fire.

  • Proven Fire Fighting performance

INERGEN® has an impressive track record of fire fighting around the world with millions of pounds worth of equipment and production saved by the fast acting capability of INERGEN®.


  • No ozone depletion potential
  • No Global Warming Potential
  • No Atmospheric Live
  • Safe for occupied areas
  • No decomposition products
  • Fully tested on humans
  • No fogging when discharged
  • Remote Storage of Agent
  • Directional Valve Systems
  • Approved by LPCB,UL, FM, VdS and APSAD






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